Resistance Training
Cardiovascular Training
Nutritional Planning

When you engage in a personal training program with us, we provide you with 1) individualized one-hour, one-on-one resistance training sessions, 2) a written cardiovascular program, and 3) a detailed nutritional plan (i.e., diet). Our philosophy is built around the experience and academic research that suggests any training program absent (or negligent) in one of these 3 key areas will result in less than optimal fitness advancement.

The purpose of resistance training (i.e., anaerobic training or weight training) is to increase lean muscle mass (and to, correspondingly, decrease body fat), build muscle strength and endurance, and shape and separate muscle fibers (i.e., tone your body).

Our methods of resistance training involve the use of a resistance device (e.g., free weights, machines, or your own body weight) to exercise and challenge your musculoskeletal system in a manner that promotes increased muscle strength and development, while minimizing the chance of injury. If not done properly, and under the right supervision, weight lifting can result in injury or undue aggravation to not only your muscles, but also your joints, tendons, and connective tissues.

Form, load, range of motion, flexibility, angle of movement and exercise sequence are all critical considerations when performing resistance training exercises. Our training methodology recognizes and incorporates each of these considerations into our customized individual programs.

In the event you have a pre-existing injury, or an on-going problem (e.g., such as, in the back, shoulders, or knees), we are (in most cases) able to work around the pain sensitive area and exercise the surrounding muscle in a manner that increases strength and muscle development around the sensitive or problem area.

Whether you are an aspiring high school, college, or professional athlete, or geared toward a general fitness program to lose weight and/or become more fit, we have a wide selection of equipment and machines at our disposal to accommodate any specific training requirement.

Our resistance training equipment consists of the following:

1)   Free Weights - We have a wide array of free weight equipment, including a Hammer Strength Power Rack for Barbell Power Movements, such as Squats, Lunges and Bench Press, an Olympic Lifting Area for Power Cleans, Snatches, and Dead Lifts, and a Dumbbell Area. Free Weights will be the primary form of resistance training done with athletes, and program design will focus on building speed, power, and explosiveness. General fitness training programs will also incorporate some level of free weight movements, since free weights typically offer the best results and better engage supporting muscle groups and stabilizers (e.g., core) than machines.
2)   Machines - We have a wide selection of machines that offer the ability to isolate specific muscle groups without engaging supporting muscle groups or stabilizers as much as free weights. This is helpful for the toning and shaping of specific muscle groups in general fitness training programs, and also for working around injury issues that certain free weight movements may aggravate. Generally, the use of machines in athletic training programs will be limited, because they are not as effective as free weight movements in developing speed, power, and explosiveness, while general fitness programs will incorporate a mix of free weight and machine movements to more effectively transform your physique to a fit and lean look.
3)   Plyometrics - We have a designated area in the facility for doing plyometric exercises, which are essential for any athletic training program to build speed, power, and explosiveness. Some general fitness programs will also incorporate plyometrics as another method of keeping you challenged, depending on the capability and overall body health of the individual.
4)   Chains - We have various chain attachments and extensions. Chains offer a different form of resistance than free weights or machines, and their use will be mixed into the athletic training programs. With chains, the resistance decreases during the eccentric phase of the lift (as the chains are being lowered to the floor) and increases during the concentric phase of the lift (as the chains are being lifted off of the floor), offering a completely different type of resistance to shock the muscle. Chains are great for increasing power and explosiveness in Squat and Bench Press movements, which translates directly to improved performance within the sport. Some general fitness programs will also incorporate the use of chains as another method of keeping you challenged, depending on the capability and overall body health of the individual.
5)   Rope Training - We have a 50 foot, 2" thick rope, to perform rope training. Rope training benefits the entire body, and in particular, strengthens the hands and forearms leading to a stronger grip. Rope Training can be used for pulling type movements of your own body weight or a weighted object, building explosive power in the arms and shoulders, and to improve overall conditioning. Rope training has use in both athletic training programs and general fitness programs.

The purpose of cardiovascular training (i.e., aerobic training) as a component of a general fitness program is to increase the overall efficiency of your circulatory system and burn body fat. When done at the appropriate intensity, duration, and frequency (which we determine for you), cardiovascular exercise is the best means available to "burn off" unwanted body fat. During cardiovascular exercise, fat becomes the primary source of energy for sustaining your workout once carbohydrate stores are depleted. It is therefore optimal to perform your cardiovascular training when you know your carbohydrate stores are depleted or near depletion (i.e., on an "empty stomach") to maximize your use of fat as a primary energy source, and contribute to lowering your overall body fat mass.

In a general fitness training program, we often institute the use of interval training (i.e., short bursts of cardiovascular exercise, usually one minute) to elevate your heart rate during weight training, which will help maintain your heart rate at a level conducive to burning body fat during the resistance training session.

Cardiovascular training in athletic training programs will be much different, and geared toward performing cardiovascular activities that increase the cardiovascular capacity while performing the specific sport.

We will outline the cardiovascular program for you, which you will typically perform outside of the facility on your own time. We know how important this aspect of the overall fitness program is in both an athletic training program and general fitness program, and we want to provide you with the direction and oversight necessary for you to complete this training on your own.

The purpose of Nutritional Planning is to provide your body with the correct mix and quantities of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water) to achieve your fitness goal (e.g., body fat reduction, weight loss, increase muscle mass). Proper nutritional planning also helps your body maintain high energy levels throughout your day and workouts.

We develop and document a full daily meal schedule for you to follow specific to your goals and training program. Your customized nutrition plan will include a daily caloric intake target, the breakdown of total calories by protein, carbohydrate, and fat, specific meals to be eaten, and the time each meal is to be eaten. Multiple meal plans will be provided for you to choose from to help keep the variety at an acceptable level.

For clients interested in weight loss, we promote a sustainable weight loss program versus a crash diet approach. Our weight loss philosophy is to build a program around keeping the weight off and increasing your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories on a daily basis. Crash diets are famous for lowering metabolism (due to lean muscle loss from improper nutrient ratios in the diet), and typically result in the weight being gained back and harder to take off the next time a diet is undertaken.

In addition to making our customized nutritional programs available directly to our personal training clients, we have now made these customized nutritional programs available on-line at Pro Fit Nutrition Systems. Please visit us here to create your own customized nutrition plan if you are unable to sign-up for one of our personal training programs.

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